What is Savour & Sprout?

Culinary creativity for all ages

award winning curriculum

Engaging & Educational

Culinary Creativity for all ages

It’s not just about learning to cook; it’s about learning to create, share, and enjoy the endless possibilities that cooking offers.

Award Winning Curriculum

We’re absolutely delighted, for our kids and teen classes, to team up with Children’s Culinary Institute. Personally knowing Chef Arlena’s heartfelt dedication to creating meaningful culinary experiences, we’re truly inspired.

This partnership means we can bring a special kind of cooking class to everyone involved. One that’s rich with care, creativity, and the kind of knowledge that only comes from years of study, practice, and a genuine love for educating young chefs.

Together, we’re set on making culinary learning an adventure your kids will cherish.

Engaging & Educational

It’s about turning observations into knowledge. Where every chop, stir, and taste becomes a learning moment, encouraging students to learn by doing in a supportive and interactive setting. This hands-on approach not only builds culinary skills but also confidence and creativity in the kitchen.

Where we're located

Home Base

We’re right in Bountiful just north of the South Davis Recreation Center. Close to the 500 west I-15 exit. Two great parks and shopping are located near by for parents to enjoy while little chefs are learning. 

We travel!!

Have a homeschool group? Are you apart of a co-op? Have an active community? We’ll come to you!
Email us at classes@savourandsprout.com to inquire about options and pricing. 

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At Savour & Sprout, we are well aware of the fullness that life brings, and we want to make our classes accessible and flexible for everyone.  So come for one class or many, register just one chef or many chefs. Our pricing is tiered for each 6 week session we offer. 



Cost per
$10 +perks

Come Cook with me!

Hi there! I’m Katrina, the heart behind Savour & Sprout.

My kitchen philosophy is all about exploration and creativity. I believe whether you’re an adult mastering a complex technique, a teen refining and discovering, or a child taking their first culinary steps, there is joy in every moment. Especially the messy ones. 

I’m excited to nurture an adventurous and curious spirit in everyone who joins our classes. Let’s embark on this flavorful journey together!

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